TempSure Vitalia:

is non-invasive FDA approved treatment for vaginal rejuvenation to help tighten loose vaginal tissue, and improve the appearance of vaginal skin. This treatment uses radiofrequency energy which heats both the external and internal vaginal tissue to improve circulation and encourage collagen production for tissue restoration and tightening. As new tissue grows, you can experience increased lubrications and nerve sensitivity. It may also help reduce mild urinary leaks and incontinence.  The treatment only lasts about 30 minutes long and you can resume back to your regular activities. Many women claim that TempSure™ RF Vitalia treatment brought about a revival in their sexuality, improving their sexual well-being, intimacy and overall self-confidence. 

TempSure Vitalia Benefits May:

  • Improve vaginal tissue density, softness and lubrication

  • Decrease pain during intercourse

  • Improve mild urinary stress and incontinence

  • Reduce the risk of bladder and vaginal infections

  • Provide tightening of the labia for labial discomfort or cosmetic effect

  • Provide tightening of vaginal laxity/mild vaginal prolapse symptoms


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